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Ariana Bundy Sweet Alternative

Sweet Alternative

sweetalternativecover100 recipes for those on a restricted diet.

Sweet Alternative has substitute choices for those who must give up dairy, gluten or soy, without compromising on taste. Using years of research and recipe testing, Ariana Bundy provides 100 mouth-watering cookies, muffins, cakes, ice creams and other irresistible treats all made without dairy, gluten or soy.

Using ingredients such as nut milks, candied peels, fresh fruit purées, and quality chocolate, the author shows how to make vanilla ice cream, chocolate muffins enriched with quinoa, and luscious crème patissiere — all without gluten.

These recipes are simple and the ingredients are widely available. More than 150 photographs whet the appetite for such dishes as:

Maple-sweetened Corn Muffins
French Macaroons, and
Silky Smooth Pumpkin Pie.

Pomegranates and Roses: My Persian Family Recipes

P&R HarcoverAriana’s family roots are firmly planted in Persian soil. She inherited her love of food and cooking from her grandparents – who grew fruit and grains and had vineyards producing prized grapes – and from her father, who owned and ran the first fine-dining French restaurant in Iran. With recipes such as Ice in Heavenand Pomegranate and Walnut Stew with Chicken, Ariana manages to capture the sensual, exotic pleasure of Persian cuisine as well as celebrating the values and traditions cherished by her forefathers. Their memories of when life was simpler, family mattered above all else and eating together was of paramount importance provide an evocative leitmotif.

In this beautiful book, she pays tribute to the rich heritage, cultural and culinary, that has shaped her approach to life, cooking and eating.

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